Our trading rules:

  • 1) Illegal sites forbidden.
  • 2) Consoles forbidden.
  • 3) Subdomains, IPs, freehosts, dialers, any country or language redirect forbidden.
  • 4) Request trades with sites that match your niche, type and thumb size. Don't signup for trade with photo site if you have video site.
  • 5) 6+ months old sites unless we already have other trades going.
  • 6) There must be a visible toplist at your site.
  • 7) Minimum real skim 65% to galleries.
  • 8) Your productivity must be at least 120% (including clicks to galleries). Petty and non productive trades will be deleted without notice.
  • 9) New trades are automatically disabled. Send 50 hits and we will review your site.
  • 10) If you send only 50 HITS IN 24 HOURS your site won't be approved.
  • 11) We require a hardlink on your site. No exceptions.

Multi Niche Sites:

XXX Vogue
Video Section
A Piece of Ass
Movie Wish
Bunny Post
Teen Hosebags
Little Pecker
Elite Clips
Jizz Archives
Red Hot Honeys
Steves Movies
Pink Archive
Bent Bunz
Free Porn Ace
Free X Series
Butt Candy
Elegant Desire
Pure Friction
Archived Free Porn

Milf / Mature Niche Sites:

Dirty Rhino
Hot Milf Zone
Granny Humpers
Grannies 4 Free
Old Skanks